“Angel in the Shadows” and “Angel in the Storm” by Lisa Grace

Being the busy reader that I am, I just finished these two books. They are novels targeted to teens or young adults who are interested in books with a supernatural flair.

In “Angel in the Shadows”, Megan is at summer camp as a junior camp counselor. While there she learns she has a gift. She can see angels, and consequently, demons. Now she has to figure out what to do with her gift. By being herself and listening to the voice of God, she helps a number of people follow the right path. No one knows of her gift except Mr. Z, who helps her and answers her questions.  
Book two, “Angel in the Storm,” picks up where book one ends. Megan has any number of temptations put in her path and she doesn’t always make the right choice, and has to deal with the consequences. She’s up against a force stronger than she, alone, can deal with. She must remember in whom she has put her trust. 
It’s a life or death situation. Megan has to make choices and resist temptation, just like we all do. When her friends join the battle, it puts all of their lives in danger. It’s a good reminder that there are supernatural forces at war around us, whether we can see them or not.  Prayer is so important.
Things you should know: 1) Read book one. Since I had, I knew what was going on at the beginning of book two, but if you haven’t I think you will be lost. It’s worth it.  2) There are number of grammatical errors that I found slightly distracting, but not enough to tear me away from the story. 3) The good guys win the war, but not every battle. 4) Be prepared to want book three when you’re done.

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