ah me…and the journey

Every week I come back saying, “It’s a journey” and it is, but oh I wish it would go faster. “Are we there yet?” crosses my mind often. “Can’t we go faster?” is another question I ask God sometimes.

But I know I’m not there yet, nor will it go any faster. Why? Because I am dragging my feet. God will not take me anywhere I am not willing to go, but…and it is a BIG but…He will also not take me anywhere I don’t need to go. He waits patiently for me to get on the right path and follow Him.

What does this have to do with weight loss? I’ve fallen off the wagon, if you will. I need to climb back aboard and get back on the right path.

No weight gained, but none lost either. I can’t get skinnier and more fit, if I don’t exercise and eat right. It’s so hard though. Soda and chocolate are my friends, but really they’re more like enemies. They’re killing me from the inside out. But I’m letting them do it.


One day at a time, but I have to start today, not tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.

If you’re on a journey, even if it’s not about weight loss, tell us how you’re doing. We’ll encourage one another.



2 thoughts on “ah me…and the journey

  1. Oh girl. Me and the wagon, we can’t even see each other right now I am so far away from it. Unfortunately, I am so stressed with work and school that I find release in food. Boo!

    Good luck with your journey friend! I hope to recommit myself in the coming days. Just got to work up to it.

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