A2Z – the letter B

Well, it seems my A post flopped, so I won’t be doing a B story. Bummer. 

The BIG day!
The Big day for us comes January 28th. What is the Big day? My Beautiful horses are going to be taken to a trainer for the month of February.
They are about six years old, registered Tennessee Walking mares. I’ve blogged about them before. They have some issues that I’m just not experienced enough to work out of them. So, on the last Saturday in January I will load them onto the trailer (hopefully – I would appreciate your prayers) and escort them five minutes down the road where they will receive life lessons for being good horses.
I pray that when they return at the end of February, they, and I, will be Better. I will also be in training as I will be at the very least watching for some of the hours as the trainer works with them.
I’m so excited.
What is the Biggest day you remember in your life?

7 thoughts on “A2Z – the letter B

  1. Having been the recipient of multiple “green-broke” horses and “horses with issues,” you deserve a pat on the back for taking these lovelies to a trainer!

  2. Barbara, I think it will be a combination of both. Over the month they will be gone, the trainer will work with them for 20 hours each, which is basically an hour a day. He’ll ride out the kinks and make sure they are safer to ride.

    Patty, I won’t really be missing them – except at feeding time, as I will be participating a couple nights a week. I am looking forward to the learning experience.

  3. That sounds great for you and the horses. Hope it’s a great success!

    I missed your A story so will go read it now. I’ll bet it wasn’t a flop.

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