A2Z-take 2 “K”

This weeks letter – K – was a toss-up between my kitchen and my kids. Since I have written numerous times about my children (which I prefer to call them versus kids, which are baby GOATS  LOL), I decided to show you my kitchen.
Just this last week, my new gas cook-top was installed. I’m loving cooking with gas. Prior to this I have only ever had electric burners. I knew a long time ago, when I started watching cooking shows, that gas was best, so I prayed and talked to my husband. Finally, many years later, I have what I wanted and I love how quickly it heats. No longer do I have to wait around for the burner to get hot, nor do I have to move the pan away after I turn it off to keep the food from burning on the hot burner. Thankfully, as of this date, I have not burned anything, not me or my food.  🙂

But this post is not about my gas burners, it’s about my kitchen.  So there it is, in all it dirty splendor. haha. It’s not really dirty, just active. I managed to catch it empty, just after my children had fixed their breakfasts. It really is as big as it looks. I am truly blessed with a large kitchen, though sometimes, when we’re all in there getting food, it doesn’t seem big enough.

A little brag…my husband made the center island. It wasn’t there when we moved in. The previous owner, who happened to be the builder, left the island out of the kitchen. I wanted/needed the extra counter space so my husband took woodworking classes, bought the tools, and produced this great piece of furniture for me.

Well I think that’s enough about my kitchen. As you can tell, I love it, though I do hate cooking. At least when I do have to cook, I can enjoy the room I’m in.

What’s your favorite room in your house?


4 thoughts on “A2Z-take 2 “K”

  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! And your island – fantastic. Such a work of love. I’m with you on gas over electric stoves. Always had gas, would drive myself crazy with electric. I would also love my kitchen if it weren’t for the cooking (hate it,) and cleaning it (also hate it.)Still waiting for a George Jetson kitchen, and of course Rosie the maid, to push the buttons. My favorite room would have to be our living room, because this is where we spend most of the time with our grandchildren, and where my husband and I relax after a long day.

  2. You have a beautiful kitchen! I will miss my gas stove… cooking with gas (propane) has been so much easier than electric. Perhaps we’ll look into a gas cooktop!

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