A2Z Meme Take 2: Letter R

Rest, Relaxation and Recovery
I try Really hard to get this blog done early in the morning. Today, it’s late in the day. My internet has been incredibly wacky and unreliable lately, and every time I tried to post, it wasn’t working. *sigh*
It’s May 8th. This is our vacation season-before most schools let out for the year. I’m looking forward to vacation this year. Why? Because I really don’t have plans to do much. We will be close to the beach, have access to a community pool, and that’s really all my kids want.
My plans are to Rest, Relax, and Recover from a seemingly endless school year. But, I ALWAYS feel this way in May. I’m ready for school to be done. 
I’ve contemplated schooling through the summer and we probably will with a very relaxed schedule. I’m not sure “I” can handle more than that.  🙂
Short but sweet. Bye y’all.  LOL

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