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A2Z, B – blogging — 5 Comments

  1. Somewhere I also fell out of writing a few sentences can’t even use summer as an excuse. Me is trying hard to get going with this A2Z.

  2. Blogging does go through seasons, doesn’t it? Seems like all of life is like that. Even the Creator of the world knew the importance of seasons.

  3. Blogging regularly is hard work! I’m glad for the chance to connect with all of you gals and see what each comes up with for the various letters.

    I love your header. My middle name is Rose, as is my daughter and one granddaughter. When we’re around my sister and niece, both named Barb, we have a little fun with the Barbs amidst the Roses!

  4. I just recently got into this blogging thing… and yes, it is very difficult to make the time to blog. I have a 10 month old (a very active little boy!) so finding time for myself (in any way) can sometimes be difficult. Good for you for setting Tuesday as your goal to blog!