A thought on perception

A couple of weeks ago the following video was shown in my church. I meant to post it that week, but as usual something had to fall by the wayside and this blog was it.

I am posting the video today. It really does speak for itself, but I wanted to share something, too. So watch the video and then I’ll give you my take.

This is a commercial/advertisement for Dove. I don’t necessarily endorse their products and/or their philosophy, but I like this reality check.

But this is not just about outward beauty, we do the same things with our spiritual walk. Instead of using photoshop to hide our flaws, we put on a mask of spirituality/perfectionism.

“All is well,” we tell others. When, in reality, we are falling apart on the inside. We need the prayer and support of those around us, but are too prideful or ashamed (or a combination of both) to let down our guard, risk rejection, and ask for help. Or, horror of horrors, we truly believe the lies we tell.

This is a completely rhetorical question, but if you feel led to comment feel free. What lies have you been telling yourself?

My lie: I can eat the same way I have been eating my whole life and lose weight. Sounds completely stupid when I write it, but it’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself for over five years now and it doesn’t seem to be working. 🙂