A Simple Survey

indecisionFor a few months, I’ve been doing Monday Musings as a sort of Bible study, sharing what God’s been sharing with me. I’d hoped for some feedback, but alas y’all are a quiet bunch.

I’m considering changing it up a bit, so here are my thoughts. On each given Monday (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), I will do a different kind of post. Here are my options:

  • Monday Musings – farm life, what’s going on in my family, etc.
  • Monday Meditations – what God’s been teaching me…this would be a slightly different format than what I’ve been doing. I would like it to be more conversational
  • Monday Music – a youtube video of some Christian song
  • Monday Meme – a meme for you to share, either one I’ve made or one I’ve found
  • Monday Mayhem – I don’t know what this one would be about, but I liked the name 🙂 –possibly advice to homeschooling parents
  • Monday Moms – tidbits of advice to moms
  • Monday… (you insert something you’d like to see

So which are your preferences? What would you like to read when you come to my blog? Please list your choices in the order you’d like to read them. I will take the four most popular and use them, starting in January.

Other than my Writer Wednesday post, I will be taking off the month of December. I pray each of you have a blessed month and a wonderful Christmas day.




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