A New Year …

It’s the 12th of January, ALREADY!

I was supposed to post last Wednesday, but I failed to schedule it in advance, and I was in the middle of the ocean — well, technically, I was at a port in Honduras — but in either case, I had no internet, so no post. I will attempt to do better in the future. The goal is to post once per week, on Wednesday. I will have a plan as to what falls on which week; I just haven’t worked it out yet.

Today, I want to share some of my bullet journal (bujo) pages for 2022. I’m a little behind, because I was waiting to see if someone in my family would gift me the notebooks. I did receive them, but during the week following Christmas, I was busy cleaning up from Christmas Day and preparing for a cruise. Not much time to sit and prepare bujo pages. I did some rudimentary planning, so I when I got on the cruise, I could draw them without too much effort.

This post will be heavy on the pictures, but there’ll be some explanation, too. Enjoy.

My word for the year is LISTEN. There are several verses that talk about listening. I chose Luke 8:18 for my verse of the year, but as you’ll see on my January page, I will use some of the other verses as my monthly verses.

Luke 8:18 – “So pay attention to how you hear. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what they think they understand will be taken away from them.”

I also plan to do some sort of Zen tangle for each of my designs. I’m not very good at drawing, but I LOVE doing these. This page took me HOURS to do, but I loved every minute.

Red and black are my dominant colors for my yearly pages. There are touches of gold, too, though they are hard to see in this picture.

The next set of pages are my year at a glance and my blog schedule. This year, I printed out the monthly calendars rather than writing them, which takes a lot of time. Then I used black, red, and gold pens to outline each month.

Obviously, I haven’t filled in my blog schedule yet, but I’m going to take your comments to heart and work it out from there. Each month will have a recipe, a devotion, a section of a serial story, and then a monthly author spotlight. On those months with five Wednesdays–four of them–will be a Worship Wednesday. I will share my current favorite song and ask you to do the same. 🙂

The next two pages are created but not filled out. I have to take time to work that out in my head after a significant amount of prayer. And here’s why:

Reflections and goals.

Reflections is a page of questions.

        • Why do you do what you do?
        • What do you want to do with your life?
        • Where do you want to go?

These answers will lead into the goals page. At the bottom of this page, I have one more question.

Is what you’re doing now getting you where you want to go?

That’s a hard question to answer honestly, and one that will force me to think about my TRUE goals and what I’m doing to achieve them.

Next page is Menu Ideas and Recipes to try.

Menu ideas is a place for our regular meals. Sometimes, my brain runs amuk and I can’t think of a thing to fix for dinner. This page helps to remind me of all the dishes we have regularly.

Recipes to try is pretty self explanatory. I’m always looking for a good dish and having a place to note a recipe that looks good should be helpful. I haven’t done this page before, so we’ll see how much I actually use it.

On the facing page, my monthly theme ideas. Obviously, January and February are filled in but not any of the others. Those are still to come. 🙂

The next page, not pictured, is for my passwords and weight loss. Those are a bit more private, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing them.

And now we’re moving into my first set of monthly pages.

January’s theme is snowmen.

My verse for the month is Psalm 78:1, “My people, hear my instructions, listen to what I say.”

This page also took me hours, but again, I enjoyed it.

When I started drawing the lines behind the snowman, I wasn’t sure what design I was going to use. And even as I colored in the squares, I didn’t realize how it would look from a distance. It almost looks like ribbons behind it. 🙂 It doesn’t look like that up close. haha

I’m not sure if you can see it closely or not, but I added my take of an argyle pattern on the snowman’s scarf. It looks so cute up close.

On the next page is my January calendar, a place for notes, and a spot for listing the books I’ve read. I will probably add a bit of a table to this section, so I can add a rating of some sort. My Kindle says I only read 136 books last year, but I know I read many more than that, so this is a way for me to keep up with ALL the books I read,

A few years ago, I tried to do a bookcase and fill it in all year, but that went by the wayside quickly. I’m hoping by adding it to my monthly pages, it will be easier to keep up with.

And now we’re to my last monthly page. I have started my weeklies yet. Time, time, time. 🙂

One line a day … tidbits about my day. Gratitude. Complaints. General diary type entries. I even left my first few days visible so you could see how the beginning of my year went.

On the right hand page, you’ll see my cruise “sail and sign” card for the cruise we were on last week. I will be platinum next cruise, thus the note on the side referencing my last gold.

Below that is a place for me to document how many words I’m writing per day. My goal this year is to write something every day. I’ve already missed several days, today included, but I’m trying. 🙂

As it says at the bottom, “Slow and steady wins the race — or writes the book!”

And now I’m done.

Do you have a word or verse for the year? What is it?
Do you do new year’s resolutions? Set goals?

Okay, one final picture, but it was such a neat sunset.




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    1. Thanks, Natalya. I’m not sure talented is the right word. Good at copying others. LOL

      I don’t do resolutions either. New goals, yes.

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