A Major Praise & A Request For Help

I know this is an unusual day for me to post, but roll with me this week. It’s important.

Last evening and most of today, my church did what we call a Freedom Conference. It is a place to receive freedom from the bondage the world tries to keep us in. Last night was tiring. It had already been a long day before we (my husband and I) went. But it was also … freeing. I released things on both days that I thought I’d already dealt with or didn’t know I still held on to.

Anyway, overnight last night, God dropped two words into my spirit. Practical Princess.

I have jokingly called myself a princess many times. I can’t stand for a speck of anything to be in my shoes or for my socks to be twisted. Nor can I handle my sheets to be messed up when I’m trying to sleep. Those are just a few things–though I really don’t ACT like a princess.

After each session, everyone went to the front for prayer. The last session was for receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Since I have prayed in tongues for close to twenty years, I didn’t need that particular prayer, but I went anyway. When I arrived, I told the lady who prayed for me that I didn’t know what I needed because I already had my prayer language. As an aside here, I had some of the most wonderful prayers said over me in the last few days. I wish I could have recorded them so I could listen to them again. I was surely blessed by them. So as she prayed, she had a vision of God placing a crown on my head and calling me His princess. So many TEARS, y’all. Such affirmation from God. Such confirmation in my spirit.

I AM His princess. Even with all my flaws and failures, He is still proud to call me His daughter.

So now to the request.

When practical princess dropped in my spirit, I knew exactly what God wanted me to do with my “new” title. I was to add a section here and in my newsletter for practical advice–things that help to make our lives easier. So, once a month, I will post something practical. It could involve cleaning, cooking, shopping–I’m not even sure what all it will include, but mostly things dealing with taking care of a household. Suggestions are welcome.

In addition to tidbits of practicality, I’d like to SCHEDULE my year for blogging. I’d like to set aside a week for a worship video or devotion. So that’s two posts out of four or five per month. I’m still aiming for the once a week schedule.

Now to my request.

I have two weeks per month open for different topics. What would you like to see? Bookish things, like author/book spotlights or reviews? Homeschooling? Recipes (though, I usually make VERY simple meals, so I’m not sure I’ll be much good there.)? More devotions? Serial stories?

I think if there’s a fifth week in a month, I will have a guest blogger.

I blog to bless you, though sometimes it helps me too. 🙂 I want to write what you want to read, so HELP! If you prefer not to comment or can’t for some reason, please feel free to e-mail me at ginger *.* solomon *@* gingersolomon *.* com (removing spaces and *s)



6 thoughts on “A Major Praise & A Request For Help

  1. I love a fun serial story. Sometimes I like to read just to get my head out of this crazy world and into a land that is not my little zoo.

  2. I’d love advice on homeschooling through the high school years, and simple recipes make for some of the BEST recipes! 🙂 I pray God lavishes creativity on you, as you attempt to post once a week, and may He continue to guide you in your writing.

    1. Thanks, Betty. I pray things are going well with you. I haven’t heard from you in a while.

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