A Learning Experience

My husband and I went away for the weekend to Atlanta, GA–about a four hour drive from our home. I learned a few things about myself while away.

  • I could spend way too much money in IKEA with ease.

    Atlanta at night from our balcony, and starfish at the GA Aquarium.
  • The Georgia Aquarium is super busy on Saturdays, made worse (I think) because it was cold outside.
  • I don’t like crowds. I knew this one already, but it was reinforced this weekend. (see point two)
  • I wouldn’t want to live in a city. There too many noises all through the night–sirens, whistles, people yelling, and cars honking. Someone even knocked on the neighbor’s door (loudly) at 3am.
  • I LOVE my sleep number bed. I slept, what times I was able to do so (see previous point), on the couch because the bed where we stayed was too hard and made my back hurt almost as soon as I laid down.
  • The Hard Rock Cafe is a cool place to eat. ONCE. It was far too loud, though the memorabilia covering the walls was neat.
  • Centennial Park is empty and kind of boring when it’s cold outside. I assume it has more enticements in the summer.
  • I am way more out of shape than I would care to admit.
  • My kids survived the weekend, even with inclement weather, without me. AND the house was not wrecked when I got home. 🙂
  • The Fault in Our Stars is a decent, but quite sad movie. It had a fair amount of language and the use of God’s name in vain, but…if you want to cry your way through a movie, it’s a movie to see.
  • I love my husband. A LOT. Okay, so I knew this one too, but, hey, it was a get-away weekend with just the two of us. I would be remiss if I didn’t include it. We did a lot of talking, listened to a set of marriage CDs, and just enjoyed being together.

How was your weekend?


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