A day away…

Well, not really. Only a short time. And I still had one child with me. It was her special day.

About a year ago, my husband made a deal with my children: memorize a chapter in the Bible (his choice) and he would take them to dinner and a movie. 

Yesterday I got to do the dinner – it was actually lunch – and the movie. My 11 year old daughter memorized Romans 6. 

We left at 10:45 and made a quick stop at the library to pick up my books on hold – 10 or so, I think. We traveled from there to Red Robin at Bridge Street (a local upscale strip mall). She ordered a pepperoni pizza and I had a bacon cheeseburger (with pepper jack cheese, yum). 

While we waited for our food, we looked at the pictures mounted everywhere around our booth. One behind my daughter was a map of the United States, but you could hardly see the states because of the blue and red paint used as the background. I remember one with polar bears playing. They also had a “flag” made from baseballs (not a picture) that were painted red, white and blue. There were so many others that I can’t remember them.

She also told me on the car ride over there that she’d been trying to write a story. Earlier last week she asked me what I do when I don’t have a book to read (which is rare in the summer) and I told her I write.  🙂   So she decided to write a story – she was bored.

She titled her story “The Worst Day Ever.” It’s about a girl who had a bad day. First she woke up late and then got on the bus in her pajamas which were pink with glittery stars. She didn’t realize it until everyone on the bus started pointing and laughing at her. I asked about the girl; how old, hair color, eye color, etc. Then we worked on what else happened that day. I hope to encourage her writing. She is a good storyteller when she stops trying so hard.

After lunch we went to the movies at the Monaco (walking distance from Red Robin) to see Monte Carlo. She enjoyed it. I did too. Definitely a Chick-flick.

Now she’s ready to start her next chapter in memorization – Romans 8.

If only I could get my two youngest to memorize their multiplications tables that easily.  🙂

Under HIS Wings,