A Cruise, Including Pics + a Quote for the Day

Carnival Mardi Gras


I am back. We went on a cruise last week on the Carnival Mardi Gras. I’m sure you understand why I didn’t tell you in advance. 😀

While I love my new car, a 2021 Honda Pilot, six of us were stuffed in there like sardines even though a few pieces of luggage were on a rack behind the car.

I mostly tried to rest, but it wasn’t as restful as I would have liked.

We went to Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Honduras. I’ll caption the pictures a little, but mostly they’ll speak for themselves.

Me, doing the ropes course on board. I did it to say I’d done it, but I didn’t do it a second time. Not my thing.
My daughter and her great aunt (husband’s aunt) going on the Bolt, the Mardi Gras’ on-board roller coaster.
the moon rise
Dark skies off the coast of Cozumel.
My husband and kids went to the Dolphin Encounter in Costa Maya. I stayed on the boat and rested.
Early morning arrival in Roatan, Honduras.
We visited an iguana farm.

We went to another place that had guinea pigs (not shown), sloths, and monkeys. Here are some hilarious photos.



“I wanna hold your haaand.”


The guy told her that if she gently blew in his face, the monkey would kiss her. A few seconds after this picture, he slapped her instead. 😀



Find a duck? Take it home or hide it. I chose to hide it. 🙂

Our waiter showed the girls how to do this trick. She finally accomplished it on the last night.











And now some family pics taken on one of the formal nights.




Aren’t they adorable?













This week’s quote:

Limit your always and your nevers. ~Amy Poehler




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    1. Thanks, Natalya.

      We had to test negative and be vaccinated to cruise. There were exceptions given, but if a passenger wasn’t vaccinated (mostly children, of whom there were few), they couldn’t get off in most ports or had to have a guide (aka had to go on a carnival approved excursion).

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