4/3 Farm Update

Good afternoon, my lovely followers. Here is the local forecast: (thanks to whnt.com)

I am so looking forward to Saturday through Tuesday’s warmer, sunnier weather.

What’s happened lately:

  • Yesterday was the last day of my “official” time doing the Shred diet. Some weeks were hard, but I stuck it out. The benefits: 14 lb weight loss in six weeks, a loss of three inches at my waist and two inches at my hips, more energy, and better sleep patterns. I am taking the next week “off” but plan to stick to the 4-meal schedule, and continue eating healthy. If I can lose and still not be overly strict, I will not follow their guidelines for meals like I have been doing. If I maintain or gain, back to the book. 🙂
  • I incubated 42 more eggs for chicks. None hatched. I was sorely disappointed and decided to forego trying again and just ordered a bunch of White Rock hens from McMurray Hatchery. I don’t know if my roosters are duds or something is wrong with the incubator. They should arrive at the end of this month, almost six weeks after I usually like to start my chicks. 🙁
  • Richard set out his cabbage and broccoli plants. It rained later that evening, which gives them a good chance at survival.
  • We have a group of chickens who have decided they like our 1/2-acre backyard over the 4-acre pasture. I’m trying all sorts of ways to keep them out, but so far nothing is working. *sigh* I may have to relegate the dogs back to the pasture to keep the chickens from using our “doggie door.”
This weekend my son and daughter will be going to our homeschool co-op’s banquet. I’ll post pictures soon.
How has your first few weeks of Spring been?

2 thoughts on “4/3 Farm Update

  1. The weekend sounds good. We’ve got part of our garden out, are working on the flower beds, and Danny’s considering buying another hen or two to add to our stock. So I understand the farm thing 🙂

    1. Flower beds are the bane of my existence, I think. Since our house has a large footprint and a high amount of fencing, there are lots of flower beds around the house. *sigh* I can never seem to get and keep them all weed-free at the same time. 🙂

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