3/18 – Around the farm update

Another whole week has passed since I posted. Last week my family caught a virus. It lasted from 24 to 36 hours for each person, but it felt like the longest day of my life while I was sick. And since we have a nine people here, it took all week for the virus to go through everyone…well, except my husband. He managed to avoid the bug.

The weekend was BEAUTIFUL here. I spent time digging up some ornamental grass – hateful stuff, that. Looks like real grass, acts like real grass…blah, why not just plant grass in the flower bed and make it easier. Richard spent time scooping fertilizer (horse manure LOL) and spreading it in the garden. Then he got on his trusty orange toy (the tractor) and tilled it in. He also planted corn and more spinach. Now if we could just keep the chickens from flying the coop, literally, and eating the seeds.

Today it’s storming, and the power has flickered a time or two. It’s not supposed to be tornadic though. The rain is good for the plants.

In the next few days, I expect a new batch of chicks. The last batch was less than promising with only six living chicks out of the forty-two eggs I incubated. And usually half of the living ones turn out to be roosters. Three new hens won’t cut it when it’s time to kill off the old ones, which will number close to twenty.

On another note, my youngest daughter turned 13 this past week. I was sick in bed on her birthday. I felt so bad to not be able to enjoy it with her–the smell of her chosen dinner sent me running back to bed, if you know what I mean. She understood, at least. I also graduated to having another driver in the house. Arrgghh! My newly turned 16 yo son got his driver’s license last week as well.

This week should be a normal stay at home week. Hallelujah!

How about your week, either last or this. What’s going on with you? I’d love to pray for you, just comment on this post, or send me an e-mail using the icon on the left just below my picture.



1 thought on “3/18 – Around the farm update

  1. Hi Ginger! We’ve been busy here with schoolwork, the bus run, and keeping up with the housework etc. Over the weekend the children and I went on a camp to the Murray River with most of our church. The children really enjoyed the fishing, playing, and hanging out with their friends. I spent some time rewriting and helping in the kitchen.

    This week has started slow but is getting busy quite fast. Tomorrow my youngest sister and her two darling boys are coming to live with us for a while. I’m looking forward to that. 🙂 Am glad God blessed us with a 4 bedroom house so we can share. 🙂 I’ve been rewriting a lot of what I’ve got written, so that is taking up time as well. Feels a lot like one step forward, two steps back. Or, in this case, delete 5k, write 2k, then rearrange what’s left. But it’s better, so I don’t mind. 🙂

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