1/18 check in

I want to keep putting this picture up to remind myself that this road I’m on to healthier eating is a journey. It’s not just for a day or even a week, but for the rest of my life.

I think I lost about two pounds this week. Again it’s hard to say with my scale.

I’ve been eating okay, avoiding soda mostly and not eating a lot of sugary sweets. No snacks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Smaller portions, especially carbs.

One thing I have been doing lately is making our macaroni and cheese instead of using the processed stuff. My children like it just as well and it has to be better for us without all the preservatives. Noodles and a simple cheese sauce (butter, flour, milk and cheese). It really doesn’t take much more time, and just a little more effort. I feel good about making something yummy that is healthier.

What sorts of things do you make homemade that most people fix from a box?

Keep on keepin’ on.  🙂