Stand Alone Novellas



Marisol Jones loves God, kids, and baking. Her job at the local bakery keeps her culinary talents satisfied. The church she attends draws her closer to God and encourages her to keep up with her own quiet time. And well, two out of three isn’t bad. She’d love to have kids of her own, but most men can’t see past her scars.

Garth Simmons loves God and his daughter. He works to provide everything she needs. When she starts asking for a mommy, he does what any loving father would do: he sets out to find one. Except none of his dates measure up to his neighbor. Marisol has gotten under his skin, and she didn’t even try. If anything, she doesn’t understand how beautiful she really is.

But he aims to show her.

Originally sold in the Winter’s Kiss boxed set.(no longer available)



Learning from Experience Cover

Lexi Ross loves the life she’s created for herself as an art gallery manager. She enjoys promoting the work of up-and-coming artists. When Nathan Vanderwahl, her boss and her late friend’s older brother, steps through the door of her gallery, his appearance resurrects feelings she’s buried so deep, she’s almost forgotten, and he turns her world upside-down.

Because of his father’s death-bed request, Nathan shoves his reservations to the side and visits Lexi. When she asks him to leave her alone, he promises he will, if she’ll go see his father. Even if it breaks his heart to do it.

An old man and his will change everything for them. Can they learn from his experience or will they hold on to the hurts of the past and walk away from a promising future?

What readers are saying about Learning from Experience…

“It was the most emotionally deep, but still sweet romance I’ve read in a long time..”

Originally sold in the Falling For You set (no longer available).



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