Mr. Christmas & Miss Scrooge

Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge cover final

Mitch Silverton has a lot on his schedule—his mom’s cancer diagnosis and his job as assistant manager of the hardware store, and then he added decorations coordinator for the local animal shelter fundraiser. When a break-in at the hardware store shoves him in the path of his boss’s boss, Margaret Holberg, managing owner of the hardware store, he finds himself attracted to the blonde knockout he worked with as a teen, who’s always been way out of his league.

Margaret Holberg hates being alone, but that’s how she spends the majority of her time since her parents left her in charge of their hardware stores. Stuck in the store with the all-grown-up Mitch Silverton makes her wish for more. But he’s her employee. Nothing more.

Can Mitch and Margaret learn to work together, not just in the store, but in life?


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