Her First Love

She loved him.
He loved her sister.
Only forgiveness can bring them together.

Following her husband’s death, Leah Thompson moves back in with her parents, but when her sister calls and asks for her help, Leah reluctantly agrees. She’s forgiven Mary and John’s betrayal, but living in their house won’t be easy.

Life takes an unexpected twist, leaving Pastor John Masters with three young sons to care for. How can he do that and still be there for his congregation?

Leah may be the solution the now-single dad needs, but her first marriage left scars that may prove too difficult to overcome.

WARNING: While this book is Christian in nature and as such does not go into graphic detail, it may be disturbing to women who have suffered abuse. I have endeavored to be sensitive, but in order to be as real as possible, there are some scenes that could be difficult to read.


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