Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.  ~~John Wooden

Below are my books in order of release (most recent to earliest). For a specific series, please check out the pull-down menu.

Christmas Reflections

Marisol Jones loves God, kids, and baking. Her job at the local bakery keeps her culinary talents satisfied. The church she attends draws her closer to God and encourages her to keep up with her own quiet time. And well, two out of three isn’t bad. She’d love to have kids of her own, but most men can’t see past her scars.

Garth Simmons loves God and his daughter. He works to provide everything she needs. When she starts asking for a mommy, he does what any loving father would do: he sets out to find one. Except none of his dates measure up to his neighbor. Marisol has gotten under his skin, and she didn’t even try. If anything, she doesn’t understand how beautiful she really is.

But he aims to show her.

Originally in the boxed set Winter’s Kiss (no longer available). 




Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge cover final

Mr. Christmas & Miss Scrooge

She’s his boss and way out of his league, but that doesn’t keep Mitch Silverton away. At least, not for long. Can he break through Margaret Holberg’s walls to become more than just her employee?


Originally released in the boxed set Love In Mistletoe Springs (no longer available).






Eyes of Pearl
Scottish Castles Series, 1

Desperation drives Neva MacKinnon to marry the handsome, but fierce Alexander Chisholm, Chieftain of the Chisholm Clan. Without him, she won’t survive the harsh Scottish winter. With him, she fears for her heart.

Alexander Chisholm needs a wife to provide an heir, and soon, in order to remain chieftain of his clan. He’s not looking for love, but his bride has to be someone he can trust. A song in the woods draws his attention and when he sees the raven-haired beauty with the eyes of pearl and full of fire, he knows she must be his.

Can Neva and Alex overcome their trust issues to admit their love for one another or was their marriage doomed the moment he invaded her life?



Love’s Choice
Belikarian Weddings Series, 3

Aileen Najjar joins the royal household when her boss marries the princess. She loves working in the kitchen, but when the head cook allows her to prepare most of the meals, trouble finds her. The handsome head of security turns out to be her ally as she struggles to fit in.

Matthias Firat wants to find the mole who leaked information leading to the attempts on the princess’s life. His attraction to the new kitchen helper prompts him to ask for her help.

When she discovers the truth, it might very well break both their hearts



Learning from Experience

Lexi Ross loves the life she’s created for herself as an art gallery manager. She enjoys promoting the work of up-and-coming artists. When Nathan Vanderwahl, her boss and her late friend’s older brother, steps through the door of her gallery, his appearance resurrects feelings she’s buried so deep, she’s almost forgotten, and he turns her world upside-down.

Because of his father’s death-bed request, Nathan shoves his reservations to the side and visits Lexi. When she asks him to leave her alone, he promises he will, if she’ll go see his father. Even if it breaks his heart to do it.

An old man and his will change everything for them. Can they learn from his experience or will they hold on to the hurts of the past and walk away from a promising future?

What readers are saying about Learning from Experience

“It was the most emotionally deep, but still sweet romance I’ve read in a long time..”


Originally released in the boxed set Falling for You (no longer available).




Broken Freedom cover

Broken Freedom
Broken Holidays Series, 3

Bondage comes in many forms. Freedom can be found in only One. Broken Freedom is a story of love and finding freedom from fear by trusting the One who came to “set the captives free.”

Payton Du Pont lives in a prison not of her own making, but one she’s too frightened to step away from. Five years after a brutal attack by her then fiancé, she still lives in fear of crowds and men in particular, except when she’s working as a temporary nurse for the doctors of Meadowsville, VA.

James Hamilton III, M.D. stepped away from the Hamilton business of plastic surgery to make his own way as a family physician. Left at the altar by his fiancée nurse, so she could marry higher in the doctor hierarchy, he’s sworn off dating nurses forever.

God brings them together, but they have to fight their fears to find a future full of freedom.



Second Choice
Belikarian Weddings Series, 2

Her first groom disappeared. Can she trust her second choice?

Set to be married in less than a month, Princess Anaya Vallis’s intended runs away, leaving only a cryptic note behind. Her father insists the wedding go forth as planned with a new groom. She has days to make a second choice.

Titus Vasco is like a ship without a rudder, floating through life without purpose. Until she calls. He accepts her proposal without hesitation.

But wedded bliss does not come easily. Two virtual strangers brought together by unforeseen circumstances must learn to trust each other and God’s plan for their lives, in order to achieve the happily-ever-after they both long for



Broken Valentine cover

Broken Valentine
Broken Holidays Series, 2

Being stood up on Valentine’s Day is not how Sarah Sawyer wanted the evening to go. It only gets worse when she discovers her boyfriend’s betrayal. Accepting a ride home from her attractive waiter goes against everything she’s been taught, but her choices are limited.

Michael Richmond can’t let his beautiful, yet heart-broken customer walk home, no matter how tired he is after working fourteen hour days all week.

It might be either the best decision of his life or the worst. Only time will tell if their broken hearts can become one, or if they will tear each other apart.




Broken Holiday cover
Broken Holiday
Broken Holidays Series, 1

Hungering for time away from Meadowsville, VA and her ex-fiancé, Jade Cross heads out on a long hike. Caught in an unexpected winter storm, she takes refuge in an abandoned-looking barn. Wet, cold, and close to hypothermia, she begs God for help.

Clay Sawyer, wounded by the death of his wife, has locked himself in a prison of solitude. He is not interested in being happy, forgiving himself, or forgiving God. When he finds an unexpected guest in his barn, his only goal is to get her on her way and keep his life just like it is.

But God has other plans.

Originally released in the boxed set Snowflakes and Mistletoe (no longer available).




I have a short story in this one:

For some, the fourth of July is a celebration of freedom; for others it is a reminder of bondage. Of pain. Of fear. Of hopelessness. But there is a hope that is deeper, a love that is truer, and a freedom that no one can ever snatch away.






Belikarian Weddings Series 1

One man. Fifty women. One choice.

Cahri Michaels is American by birth, but Belikarian by choice. Being selected to participate in the Bridal March forces her to give up the independent life she’s created for herself. She’s not ready to be anyone’s wife, much less to a man she doesn’t know.

Prince Josiah Vallis despises the centuries old tradition—the Bridal March—that is forcing him to choose a wife from fifty women. Why does it matter that he’s twenty-five and still single?

When Cahri and Josiah meet, sparks fly. Will it ignite a godly love that can see them through or will they be burned, never to be the same